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Maui Beach Weddings: The Best Sites For You


Maui Beach Weddings Are The Best

Simply put, Maui has the best beaches in Hawaii for a sunset wedding. We have more and better beaches facing the west than any of the other islands. Almost every night there is an awesome sunset which we'll use as a backdrop for your romantic memories.

Because we've done so many weddings on so many different beaches, we certainly have our favorites. We believe the best beaches are the most private, with the least chance of wind and rain, maybe some rocky outcroppings and a few palm trees hanging over the beach. We try to stay away from crowded, windy and un-photographic beaches.

Maui has some of the best beaches in the world. Many are perfect for your romantic wedding. All beaches in Hawaii are public, but some beaches have been restricted from weddings. The State also requires every wedding to have a Beach Access Permit -- which we'll obtain for you.




South Maui Beach Weddings

Affordable Maui Weddings only coordinates weddings in South Maui. The weather is usually so awesome in this part of the island, that we specialize in this area. Because of years of experience, we know which beach locations are just right for the majority your Maui sunset wedding photography.

We believe that some sites are obviously better than others, and we have performed weddings on so many of Maui's beaches we definitely have several that we feel are superior for a number of different reasons. So we have limited the choices on this page to those that offer features most couples prefer for their wedding site: natural beauty, seclusion from most tourists and bathers, less chance of rain, low wind and an awesome view of the sunset.

Overall, we believe that South Maui offers the best beach wedding sites on Maui. They're less crowded, with less rain and wind, and are generally more suited for your romantic sunset wedding site.

Makena Surf Beach

We've coordinated many Maui beach weddings at Makena Surf. This beach offers a lot of varied looks as you will see if you click on the link at the left. For a while, this was our "default beach" -- our first choice because of all that it has to offer. It is a little more private than Po'olenalena because of the distance from parking, but it still has a long curving sandy beach off in the distance.

There are no restroom facilities at Makena Surf and the parking is limited. But the chances of having few others on the beach during your ceremony is much more likely than at a smaller location like Makena Cove. As you can see from the photos below, there are a variety of "looks" at Makena Surf.

There are palm trees, occasional outcroppings of lava rock on a long beach stretching off in the distance to the north. There are also some areas where ivy covers on the hillside providing a different, greener look. I also like to take some portraits on the walk down to the beach through the Makena Surf resort. Take a look below at some of the Maui beach wedding photos we've shot at this excellent beach. 

Po'olenalena Beach

This Maui beach wedding location has a lot to offer. A large parking area, a portable potty, ka'ava trees to shoot long telephone portraits in, and a long sweeping beach to the south. There are lot of different wedding spot choices at this Maui beach.

But probably the biggest drawback of this location is that it is frequented by many locals, especially for camping out. So there are often fishing poles and lines in the water making photography difficult. There are also a lot of bathers. And many of the other wedding companies use this beach, especially if they have a larger party that will need at lot of parking.

Take a look below at some of the Maui beach wedding photos we've shot at this beach. You can see the variety of shots we can get at this beach, but shooting a wedding here is a little more challenging because of the likelihood of more people being in the background.

Makena Cove Beach

This location is one of our favorite Maui beach wedding sites. The beach is small and sheltered and is difficult to find by the casual tourist. Many locals have never even been to the area, so it's far less likely to be frequented by bathers and casual swimmers (it is not really a good swimming beach because of the rocks and the large waves).

The sunsets at Makena are usually awesome. The offshore view is of the islands of Kaholoowe and Molokini which usually have clouds over them which glow orange at sunset. It is likely that you'll have a beautiful sky here for your sunset wedding. Each evening the clouds from Haleakala slide off the volcano and down towards the sea over Makena. Those clouds sometimes look dark and forbidding, but they seldom produce rain, even in winter. To see more pictures, click on Maui Beach Wedding: Makena Cove.

White Rock Beach

White Rock is one of my favorite Maui beach wedding sites. The beach is fairly large and often the beaten path so not too many locals or tourists show up on its long sandy shore. Like all of Makena, the sunsets at White Rock are usually awesome and it is likely that you'll have a golden sky for your sunset wedding.

Fortunately, this beach does have a portable potty, and parking on both sides of the street. The road that passes the beach is off the main road and is therefore less traveled. There is a large piece of natural property between the road and the actual beach. I like to use this area, which is covered with ka'ava trees that we will walk through to get to the beach. This and a large area of ground-hugging ivy provides a great area for long telephoto portraits.

Take a look below at some of the recent Maui beach wedding photos we've shot at this amazing beach. One of these weddings was originally schedule for Makena Cove, but because of high tide, we moved the couple to White Rock where we got some great photographic shots.

Other South Maui Beaches

For our Maui beach weddings, we have used many other different beaches in South Maui. But we have found the above beach weddings sites to work the best. We always strive to put our couples on a beach that is not too crowded or windy. We want palm trees that hang we can get in our shots, and a beach that has a lot of photographic possibilities. Here are a few alternatives.

Wailea Beach

While Wailea Beach was actually once rated as the world's number one beach, for Maui beach weddings we certainly wouldn't rate it very high. The beach has several large hotels nearby (notably the Grand Wailea), so it can be quite crowded. There are also a lot of beach chairs provided by the hotel and often the noise of a luau in the background which can be distracting. All in all, we use this beach only if a couple specifically asks for it.

The best location at this site for a wedding is actually the grassy knoll overlooking the beach. The slope is gentle as you approach the crest of the hill, but steep on the ocean side offering an impressive view of the palms, the ocean in the distance, and the West Maui Mountains.

The paved pathway leading down to the beach goes around the hill so that it is much more likely to be secluded on top of this hill than at many other public sites. But keep in mind that there is only one wedding site on this hill, and because this is a public area, it is possible that someone else might arrive first and hold onto the location (for picnicking or another wedding).

Paipu Beach

This Maui wedding beach is private and secluded, with parking and a portable potty nearby. The beach is a hidden and out of the way requiring couples to walk over a small lava rock hill to reach it. The beach is not for those who cannot take on this little hike, and also who can step down from a few lava rocks on the far side. But once you reach the beach you'll see that it is very photographic.


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